Tono-Vera™ Vet

Handheld Veterinary Tonometer


The Right Measurement, Right Away.

The all-new Reichert® Tono-Vera™ Vet Tonometer featuring the advanced, patent-pending ActiView™ Positioning System, guides you to the apex of the cornea, giving you confidence in your intraocular pressure (IOP) readings. Tono-Vera Vet automatically measures when aligned, providing a more objective and repeatable result in just one measurement. Designed with the veterinary professional in mind, the innovative Tono-Vera Vet system, which includes a base that stores and dispenses Ocu-Dot™ Tonometer Probes, is a perfect solution for every practice. Tono-Vera Vet is the only veterinary tonometer with Bluetooth®, making transferring data easier than ever.

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Tono-Vera™ Vet Product Use Video

A more objective measurement with ActiView™.

ActiView™ Positioning System features a full color view of the eye combined with intuitive, interactive alignment prompts to guide the user precisely to the center of the cornea every time, wether measuring a dog, cat, rabbit, or horse. When proper alignment is achieved, Tono-Vera™ Vet automatically measures, providing you with results in just a single measurement. Intuitive color-coded rings around the final IOP result indicate the reliability of the measurement.


All the important information, always on display.

Tono-Vera Vet has a comprehensive yet simple user interface.

Tono-Vera™ Vet is as innovative as it is thoughtfully designed.

Lightweight, Ergonomic, and Calibration-free
The perfectly placed operator-facing display and lightweight, symmetrical design allow for comfortable left or right-handed operation. Intuitive button placement provides easy access to all settings and measurement functions. Always ready to measure with no routine calibration required.

Tono-Vera with Cat

Rechargeable, AA, or Both
Choosing Tono-Vera™ Vet Rechargeable Model means less batteries in landfills and a device that is always ready to use. Tono-Vera Vet AA Model goes anywhere and allows for a quick and easy battery change with no tools required. Rechargeable and AA battery packs are interchangeable, providing ultimate flexibility.

A Base for Everything & Everything in its Place

The included multi-purpose Tono-Vera Vet Base is the perfect solution for docking and charging* your device while also conveniently storing and dispensing Ocu-Dot™ Tonometer Probes.

Ready for the Road
When your patients can’t come to you, bring Tono-Vera Vet to them in the durable, lightweight, and protective Carry Case.

Electronic Health Record Ready
Tono-Vera Vet’s unique Bluetooth® capability allows for software updates and seamlessly exports final IOP results to a computer.

Improving eye care through continuous innovation.

We at Reichert® stand behind our products by backing up Tono-Vera™ Vet Tonometer with a two-year warranty. Tono-Vera Vet is designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA.

Reichert is Technology, Tradition & Trust.

With a tonometry heritage dating back over 75 years, Reichert continues to pave the way for trusted and reliable animal IOP with the Tono-Vera Vet Tonometer, utilizing rebound tonometry technology without the need for topical anesthetic. Brought to you by the people who are passionate about eye care.

*Rechargeable model only.

Catalog Number:
16309 Tono-Vera Vet Rechargeable Starter Kit 
16308 Tono-Vera Vet AA Battery Starter Kit 

  •  Tono-Vera Vet
  •  Tono-Vera Vet Carrying Case
  •  Tono-Vera Vet Charging Base (16309 only)
  •  Tono-Vera Vet Base (16308 only)
  •  Tono-Vera Vet Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack (16309 only)
  •  Tono-Vera Vet AA Battery Pack (16308 only)
  •  Tono-Vera Vet Training Aid
  •  Tono-Vera Vet Spare Probe Chamber Kit
  •  Ocu-Dot™ Tonometer Probes - 100 count
  •  USB-C Charging Cable (16309 only)
  •  Charging Plug (16309 only)
  •  Pack of Four AA Batteries (16308 only)

Weight: 4.0 oz. (113.4 g)
Length: 7.8 in. (19.8 cm)
Width: 0.75 in. (2 cm)
Thickness: 1.2 in. (3.0 cm)
Measurement Range: 1 - 99 mmHg
Power Source: Tono-Vera Vet Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack or Tono-Vera Vet AA Battery Pack 
Species: Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Horse

TitleTono-Vera™ Vet - Brochure - French
TitleTono-Vera™ Vet - Brochure - English
TitleTono-Vera™ Vet - Brochure - Chinese
TitleTono-Vera™ Vet - Brochure - German
TitleTono-Vera™ Vet - Brochure - Italian
TitleTono-Vera™ Vet - Brochure - Spanish
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Tono-Vera™ Vet - Brochure - French
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Tono-Vera™ Vet - Brochure - English
Download Link Download
Tono-Vera™ Vet - Brochure - Chinese
Download Link Download
Tono-Vera™ Vet - Brochure - German
Download Link Download
Tono-Vera™ Vet - Brochure - Italian
Download Link Download
Tono-Vera™ Vet - Brochure - Spanish
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TitleReichertSync™ EMR Interface Software - Instructions for Use
TitleTono-Vera™ Vet - Instructions for Use
TitleTono-Vera™ Vet - Quick Start Guide
Download Link
ReichertSync™ EMR Interface Software - Instructions for Use
Download Link Download
Tono-Vera™ Vet - Instructions for Use
Download Link Download
Tono-Vera™ Vet - Quick Start Guide
Download Link Download
TitleReichertSync EMR Interface Software v 1.0.0 (.zip)
Download Link
ReichertSync EMR Interface Software v 1.0.0 (.zip)
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