Digital PD Meter 

The Reichert PDM Digital PD Meter utilizes the latest technology for measuring interpupillary distance and right/left pupil-to-nose distance. The PDM's ergonomic design, smooth action, and user-friendly LCD screen enable fast and precise PD measurements. 

Not for sale in the EU. Not CE marked.
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Easy and Accurate Operation

Obtaining accurate inerpupillary measurements with the PDM is easy. Operators simply align the measuring lines to the Purkinje images on the patient's corneas. Measurement data can be obtained for a single eye, or both eyes, and results are accurate to within 0.5 mm. Interpupillary distance for a range of focusing points can be obtained by selecting the appropriate focus distance on the circular dial. The PDM's LCD displays measurement data in a clear, easy-to-read format.

Ergonomic Design

The PDM is ergonomically designed to be easy to hold and measure at the same time, while the forehead bar fits the patient's forehead comfortably. The PDM controls operate smoothly and are easy to adjust.

Long Battery Life

The PDM automatically switches off after one minute of inactivity to ensure long battery life. In addition, the patient fixation target is illuminated by a low-power LED, further extending battery life and ensuring virtually maintenance-free operation.

Reichert Quality

The Reichert name ensures a high quality, reliable instrument that you can count on every time.

Catalog Number:
15020 PDM

Method of Measurement:
Cornea reflection light coincidence method

Measurement Range:
46 to 82 mm (Total PD)
23 to 41 mm (Each eye)

Fixation Target:
Internal green dot on illuminated background

1.5lbs., 0.7 Kg

2in., 5.08 cm

6in., 15.24 cm

9in., 22.86 cm

Focus Range:
30 cm to Infinity


Power Supply:
6V DC (Four AA batteries)

Standard Accessories:
Dust Cover
TitlePDM Digital PD Meter Brochure
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PDM Digital PD Meter Brochure
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TitlePDM Digital PD Meter - User's Guide
TitleCleaning & Disinfection Matrix
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PDM Digital PD Meter - User's Guide
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Cleaning & Disinfection Matrix
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