Reflex Ultrasound Biomicroscope

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale. Parts and service may still be available. Contact Reichert Technical Support at 1-888-849-8955 (toll-free in US and Canada), 716-686-4500 or complete the contact form to obtain additional information. The User Guide is available for download in the "Instructions" tab below.


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**This product is now discontinued.**
  • Compact, easy to move, set up, and operate
  • User-friendly software allows diagnostic data and essential measurements to be obtained with minimal training.
  • Specific features in an image may be evaluated using Angle, Area, and Ruler Analysis Tools.
  • The Reflex foot pedal enables hands-free image acquisition
  • Unique touch screen display allows for input without the need for a keyboard (keyboard/mouse are included)
  • One touch video file (AVI) saving function
  • Ability to save/access 6 JPEG images per scan
  • Enhanced imaging with optional ClearScan® Probe Cover* an innovative single-use ultrasound probe cover that eliminates the shell and gel system and enables examiners to view all eye quadrants with ease.
**This product is now discontinued.**
  • Catalog Numbers:
    16020 Reflex UBM - touch screen computer, ultrasound probe, 35 MHz transducer, foot pedal, stand, keyboard/mouse.
    16021 35 MHz transducer
    16022 50 MHz transducer
    16018 10 MHz Ultrasound probe
    16019 20 MHz Ultrasound probe

  • Probe Ultrasound Frequency:
    35 MHz or 50 MHz, 20 MHz, 10 MHz

  • Accuracy:
    Specifications are given in the following probe order 35/50, 20, 10:
    Angular: 1.0, 1.6, 1.6 (+/- deg)
    Distance: 0.25, .040, 0.40 (+/- mm)
    Area: 1.25, 2.0, 2.0 (+/- mm²)
    Resolution: 100, 150, 150 (micrometers, combined lateral & angular)

  • Dimensions (with stand):
    Height: 17.5 in. (44.5 cm)
    Width: 17 in. (43.2 cm)
    Depth: 10.5 in. (26.7 cm)

  • Weight (unpacked):
    26 lbs (11.8 kg)

  • Electrical:
    Voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
    Fuses: Time-Lag (T 3, 15 A L 250 V), 5x20 mm, RoHS

  • Environmental Operating Conditions:
    Temperature: 50 - 95 degrees F (10 to 35 degrees C)
    Relative Air Humidity: 30% to 75%
    Atmospheric Pressure: 80 kPa (23.6 in. Hg) to 106 kPa (31.3 in. Hg)
Reflex Ultrasound Biomicroscope - User's Guide
Reflex Ultrasound Biomicroscope - User's Guide
DocumentReflex Ultrasound Biomicroscope - User's Guide
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Reflex Ultrasound Biomicroscope
Reflex Ultrasound Biomicroscope
DocumentReflex Ultrasound Biomicroscope - Brochure
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