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Reichert Technologies® Launches New Heavy-Duty Endurance™ Tilt Chair and Stand

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March 23,2012

New York, NY - Reichert Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of their all new Endurance Tilt Chair and Stand at the 2012 International Vision Expo in New York City. The new premium product promises to impress even the most demanding professionals that require only the very best in comfort, style and functionality.

"The Endurance Tilt Chair and Stand represents our drive to offer our customers a durable, high quality product that is extremely functional and user friendly," says Reichert Product Manager, Teresa Wozniak. "We designed the Endurance line with our customers in mind and emphasized our dedication to deliver only the best quality and value."

The Endurance Tilt Chair is highlighted by a performance driven, space-saving design that's built to last. The Swiss made, industrial strength linear actuator provides a tough, precise, maintenance free alternative to common hydraulic lifts. No more fluid leaks! With an effortless 45 degree tilt angle and 360 degree rotation, any exam room staff member may easily maneuver the Endurance. Upward rotating armrests, fully adjustable headrest and a generous seat width provides maximum comfort and accessibility for the patient. With a standard 2 year warranty on the chair and 5 years on the actuator, there is little doubt that Reichert stands behind the Endurance Tilt Chair.

The Endurance Stand provides a durable platform with contemporary styling for organization of your lane equipment. The slim profile and small footprint ensures access to your patients and instruments without compromising floor space. Three additional accessory outlets and four AC charging wells allow for the consolidation of power cables for auxiliary equipment, all in one location.

The Endurance Stand comes fully equipped with an overhead lamp, counterbalanced refractor arm and a counterbalanced lower instrument arm that allows for both standard and wheelchair access. The weight-free counterbalance design is hassle free for easy adjustment. An optional keratometer arm is also available.

"We pulled out all the stops with the Endurance Tilt Chair and Stand and developed an extremely tough, high performance product," said Mark Newkirk, Reichert's Director of Sales and Marketing. "We listened to the needs of our customers and provided them with an outstanding solution."

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