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Reichert Technologies Launches New Handheld iPac™ Pachymeter

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September 17,2011

Buffalo, NY - Reichert Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the all new iPac Pachymeter. This innovative instrument includes all of the features that users have been searching for in other hand held pachymeters, but have been disappointed with their available options. The iPac promises to impress with features like Bluetooth wireless connectivity, one-button navigation, rotating color LCD screen and rechargeable lithium ion battery.

"Technology meets simplicity for the perfect blend of functional performance," said David Biggins, Product Manager for Reichert. The iPac provides the most accurate CCT measurements by identifying a greater variety of patient statistics during the measurement process. Advanced Signal Processing converts patient data into custom algorithms that yield only the most accurate measurement. The intuitive user interface, accessed through a single 5-way button, makes setup easy. Customize the color display to show IOP correction, standard deviation and L/R or OD/OS notation in seconds. With these pre-programmed user settings, exams become more efficient for the user.

Eye care professionals can use the iPac throughout their practice. Bluetooth wireless connectivity means users can send measurement data directly to their EMR system or the optional printer without ever having to write anything down. The color LCD screen automatically rotates to the ideal viewing position for the most accurate readability, while the lightweight, ergonomic design of the iPac promotes comfort and maneuverability during patient measurements. Recharging the lithium ion battery is effortless with the included USB cable or the optional Charging Cradle.

The iPac exceeds the industry standard with a limited 3 year warranty, so users can focus on the needs of their patients instead of their instruments. "That's a longer warranty than any other hand held pachymeter on the market," said Jerry Cirino, Reichert CEO and Chairman. "Reichert built our reputation on over 150 years of quality, durability and innovation. We not only stand behind our products, but we stand behind our customers."

The all new iPac Pachymeter will be featured Internationally at the Congress of the ESCRS in Vienna, Austria from September 17 through September 21 at Reichert Technologies Booth B318. The U.S. introduction will take place at the International Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, Nevada from September 22 through September 24 at Reichert Booth MS 9043. Visit either location to demo the iPac Pachymeter or to speak with a Reichert representative.

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