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Reichert Receives Patent on IOPcc Measurement

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April 11,2011

Buffalo, NY - Reichert Technologies announced today that they have received official notification that their IOPcc measurement, employed in the Ocular Response Analyzer® (ORA) and Reichert 7CR Auto Tonometer with Corneal Response Technology™ (7CR), has been issued a US patent. This new patent, #7909765 states that the IOPcc Measurement is a method and apparatus for determining true intraocular pressure.

The IOPcc measurement, derived from the Ocular Response Analyzer's dynamic bi-directional applanation process, has been an impressive topic of conversation in dozens of peer-reviewed publications. It is becoming increasingly more accepted as the preferred indicator of true pressure and a dynamic tool for glaucoma diagnosis and management. The incorporation of this measurement parameter into the Reichert 7CR Auto Tonometer with Corneal Response Technology has rapidly propelled the use of IOPcc into the mainstream. Between ORA and 7CR there are now over 1000 Reichert IOPcc devices installed worldwide.

Beyond IOPcc, the Ocular Response Analyzer has received numerous patents and others are pending. This instrument has afforded Reichert with some of its most valuable Intellectual Property that allows them to maintain a leading position in the measurement of corneal biomechanical properties and IOP. "Reichert pioneered the measurement of corneal biomechanics and we have worked hard for many years with researchers and clinicians to demonstrate the importance of measuring these properties," said David Taylor, Product Manager for Reichert. "Our IOPcc measurement is one of the key benefits of our technology and we believe it benefits doctors and patients from around the world. The issuance of this patent is gratifying in that it underscores the uniqueness and importance of what we are doing."

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