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Reichert Introduces Automated Refraction to Their Legendary Line of Phoroptor® Brand Products

Reichert® Auto Phoroptor RS™ - Auto Refraction System
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March 18,2011

New York, NY - Reichert Technologies launched their highly anticipated Auto Phoroptor RS™ Auto Refraction System into the U.S. market at the 2011 International Vision Expo East. "It's the perfect venue to unveil a product like this," explained Teresa Wozniak, Product Manager for Reichert. "We expect the Auto Phoroptor RS to be a highly sought after product for ophthalmic professionals in the U.S. as they look to increase the efficiency of their practice."

In the fall of 2010, Reichert Technologies acquired the Visutron 900+ product line from Moeller-Wedel Gmbh (A Haag-Streit Company) based in Wedel, Germany. "The high quality, robust engineering and patient friendly interface of the Visutron 900+ autophoropter made it a perfect complement to our market leading Ultramatic RX Master™ Manual Phoroptor®," said Chairman and CEO, Jerry C. Cirino. Since the acquisition, Reichert has transferred all production to their facility in Depew, New York, and has had tremendous success with their initial launch back into the European market. "Reichert is extremely proud to say that the Auto Phoroptor RS is the only automated refraction system manufactured entirely in the USA," Cirino added.

The Auto Phoroptor RS packs its sleek overall design with state-of-the-art features, like precision lens exchange for quick, quiet and efficient refraction. Key-controlled software packages may be easily activated to interface with various brands of autorefractor/keratometers and lensmeters that ophthalmic professionals may already be using. The intuitive keyboard controls give the user the capability of doing all refraction functions with the touch of a few buttons. The system configuration fits perfectly with a traditional lane set-up, requiring no additional investment in instrument tables and seating. It can be configured to communicate with pre-test equipment and EMR systems to upload patient data to use as a refraction starting point, and save refraction results.

Reichert Technologies recommends that ophthalmic professionals who are interested in learning more about the Auto Phoroptor RS or would like a demo of the product should either contact their local distributor or contact Reichert directly, toll-free at 1-888-849-8955.

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