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Reichert Technologies Expands EMR/EHR Partnerships To Maximize Product Compatibility

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November 18,2010

Buffalo, NY - November 18, 2010 - Reichert Technologies is proud to announce the expansion of EMR/EHR partnerships with "Best In Class" software providers.

Reichert is working closely with the top Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software providers to allow greater diversity throughout their product lines. "The more certified EMR providers we can partner with, the greater the product compatibility we can offer our customers," says Chairman and CEO, Jerry Cirino. "Reichert is proving that we are an industry leader by providing EMR functionality with all of our top-selling products."

The Engineering Team at Reichert has been designing products with the forethought to include EMR/EHR capabilities ever since the federal government proposed the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act. This Act requires eligible professionals (EP's) to demonstrate meaningful use of EMR by 2015. Failure to demonstrate meaningful use by this time will result in financial penalties. CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) has been pushing EP's to convert by offering an incentive program to ensure early adoption of EMR. If EP's can demonstrate meaningful use of EMR's in 2011 or 2012, they may be eligible for incentives as high as $44,000 over five years. "We need to offer our customers every opportunity to meet federal EMR requirements by making products that work seamlessly with their EMR provider," explains Tim Levindofske, Reichert President and COO.

Reichert offers full EMR compatibility on the following industry leading products:
- AT555 Non-Contact Tonometer
- Ocular Response Analyzer
- Reichert 7 Auto Tonometer
- Reichert 7 CR Auto Tonometer with Corneal Response
- PT100 Portable Non-Contact Tonometer
- AL200 Lensometer
- AL500 Auto Lensometer
- AL700 Lensometer
- RK600 Autorefractor/Keratometer
- RK700 Autorefractor/Keratometer
- Foresee PHP Preferential Hyperacuity Perimeter
- Reflex Ultrasound Bio-Microscope

You can learn more about Reichert products or submit your own questions about EMR compatibility at For more information on CMS incentives, visit

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