Purchase a Reichert® Phoroptor® VRx and receive free virtual support for installation and training by a Reichert Application Specialist. On-site and Remote training and installation available for $1,500 a day, and $500 per additional day.

Free Virtual Support for Installation and Training:

• To schedule a remote installation and training for your customer, contact your regional clinical application specialist.

Onsite Installation and Training (US only):

• Onsite training and installation by a Reichert Application Specialist is available for $1,500 a day, and $500 per additional day.
• Submit a PO with part number 16242-INS for $1,500 for the first day of onsite support, and 16242-INS-ADD DAY for $500 for each additional day.
• Distributor representative must be onsite at the time of the installation and training.
• Installation Checklist Form required for all Phoroptor VRx sales requiring installation and training support.
• Distributor representative must ensure all connectivity components required are onsite at the time of the scheduled install.
• For EMR connectivity support, the practice administrator must coordinate with the EMR vendor ahead of the scheduled installation and training.

Offer available in the USA only from May 23, 2022 through December 31, 2022.