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ClearScan® for Reflex UBM

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ClearScan® Probe Cover (Box of 10)

$100.00 USD$150.00

ClearScan is an innovative single-use ultrasound probe cover that eliminates the difficulties and problems of the traditional water bath immersion method, making an ultrasound biomicroscope examination easy and comfortable for the patient and clinician. ClearScan consists of an extremely thin film that is acoustically invisible, resulting in a distortion-free ultrasound image from the Reflex Ultrasound Biomicroscope.

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Ultrasonic Biomicroscopy or UBM is a useful diagnostic tool with diverse clinical applications for visualizing subtle detail in the anterior segment. When a UBM exam is combined with the ClearScan, a single-use conical shaped probe cover, the anterior segment, sclera, eyelid, as well as lachrymal anatomy are easily examined. The FDA cleared ClearScan cover makes the "shell and gel" technique obsolete and overcomes limitations related to sterility, safety, exam complexity, and patient comfort.

UBM with ClearScan is essential in the glaucoma examination for imaging the angle, scleral spur, iris, structures behind the iris (such as the ciliary body), and the lens. Delineation of posterior structures are not possible with coherent light technology. Additionally, UBM with ClearScan is invaluable for sulcus-to-sulcus imaging as well as determining the presence of synechia, cysts, clefts, retinoschisis and melanomas that invaded the ciliary body.

Advantages of ClearScan

  • Image all quadrants of the eyes in one, quick examination.
  • Measure patients in any position - does not require patient to be supine
  • Safer - no shell hard edge causing corneal abrasion, and no risks of probe-contact to the cornea
  • Sterile probe cover eliminates the transfer of micro-organisms between patients
  • Simple exam setup, approximately 30 seconds
  • Makes UBM a "technician-friendly" exam
  • Examine delicate structures following recent surgery
  • Overcomes near field artifact
  • Examine subjects of all ages - even young children



Catalog Number: 
(USA) ClearScan box of 10


ClearScan is FDA and CE cleared, but may not be available for sale in all countries.

ClearScan is a registered trademark of ESI, Inc.

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