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Reichert Unveils Revolutionary New Tonometer

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October 9,2009

Reichert, Inc. is pleased to introduce the new Reichert 7CR Auto Tonometer + Corneal Response Technology™, featuring Corneal Compensated IOP (IOPcc) – a pressure measurement significantly less affected by the cornea than other methods of tonometry.

Tonometers are used to measure Intraocular Pressure (IOP) as a routine part of diagnosing and managing the 2nd leading cause of blindness in the world, glaucoma. However, traditional methods of tonometry, including the Goldmann Applanation Tonometer, are significantly affected by corneal properties, compromising the accuracy of their IOP measurements. The 7CR incorporates the patented bi-directional applanation technology, first used in the revolutionary Reichert Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA), to quantify the biomechanical properties of the cornea. This in turn permits the determination of Corneal Compensated Intraocular Pressure (IOPcc). IOPcc provides clinicians with a better understanding of patient tonometry values, enhancing their ability to make critical diagnosis and treatment decisions.

The validity of the IOPcc measurement is supported by dozens of peer-reviewed publications in medical literature.

The Reichert 7CR is an exciting new option for clinicians, since it is priced comparatively to competitive instruments that lack this patented feature. Eyecare professionals interested in learning more about the Reichert 7CR should contact Reichert at (toll-free in USA) 1-888-849-8955, or download the product brochure:

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