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Vision Expo West

Date: September 14 - 16, 2017
Booth: MS 9043
Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

"From SEE to Shining SEE." 
Experience the 
Innovation of American Diagnostics at Vision Expo West Booth MS9043!

Reinvent Refraction with Phoroptor® VRx

For over 90 years Phoroptor® has been at the heart of your exam, and now Phoroptor® VRx 
is the most advanced Phoroptor ever built. The thinnest and most compact design. Incredibly fast
lens exchanges. Ultra-quiet operation. Endless connectivity to Reichert as well as other
manufacturer’s devices. Engineered and made in the USA with only premium components

Rethink Glaucoma Risk with Corneal Hysteresis and
Ocular Response Analyzer® G3.

Only Ocular Response Analyzer® G3 from Reichert® measures Corneal Hysteresis (CH),
which is more associated with visual field progression than CCT or IOP, adding clarity to your
glaucoma decision making. Engineered and made in the USA.

Corneal Hysteresis: Clinical Relevance in Glaucoma in 90 Seconds, N. Radcliffe, MD

Nathan Radcliffe, MD and Christopher Starr, MD, both of Weill Cornell Medical College, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, discuss the clinical applications in glaucoma of Corneal Hysteresis (CH) and why Ocular Response Analyzer® should
be brought into routine glaucoma management.

How is Corneal Hysteresis Useful in Glaucoma Decision Making, J. Thimons, OD

Dr. James Thimons, OD, discusses the use of the Ocular Response Analyzer® and the importance of its Corneal Hysteresis and IOPcc measurements in the monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment of glaucoma. Here learn what
Corneal Hysteresis is, why it is an essential glaucoma risk factor, and how to incorporate this measurement into
daily clinical practice. In addition, Dr. Thimons explains why corneal biomechanics influence IOP measurement
accuracy and how the IOPcc measurement provides a better assessment of the true intraocular pressure.

The Role of Corneal Hysteresis in Glaucoma Progression, Felipe Medeiros, MD

Felipe Medeiros, MD, Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of California, describes his recent
study using Corneal Hysteresis (CH) — a measure of the eye’s viscoelastic biomechanics properties —
for predicting glaucoma progression. Dr. Medeiros explains the importance of collecting Corneal
Hysteresis measurements to better determine patients at high risk for glaucoma.

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